Tuesday, December 16, 2008

brown, black and blue

-Getting a new scarf that's brown and black houndstooth (which they apparently call "dogstooth" here), so I can wear it with anything. It's so funny how many things are just slightly different...for example, the hokey pokey is the hokey cokey here.

-Going for tapas with friends and enjoying the all-you-can-eat Spanish food for a tenner, as well as great conversation and entirely too much laughter. After a couple of the guys ordered a third round of tapas, the cook was getting a little annoyed. I jokingly told the server to apologize to him for us and "tell him to make something for himself as well." She just exploded into laughter, which was much more funny than my little joke, and her peals of laughter kept us in stitches. There were also wine bottles with candles on our table, and when the candle melted away from one, we saw that there was still a tiny blue flame burning. Tom said, "Whitney, is that a glimpse of grace?" and so it became one.

-Amy saying at dinner, "Whitney, what if you went home for Christmas and didn't come back?" My heart immediately sunk at the idea of not coming back, and realizing how much this place means to me, I replied, "oh no, of course I'm coming back!" She said they would all be waiting on me here.

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