Saturday, December 13, 2008

looking foward

-Receiving my Rachael Ray magazine in the mail! My Grandmother was so good to have it sent all the way over here, and it's such a taste of home. I'm all ready putting it to good use: tonight, I'm making roasted cauliflower pasta with sage butter. Mmm!

-One of the young people seeing a video of Neil's baby girl and saying, "How cool would it be to have Neil for a Dad?"

-Jessi emailing a glimpse for me to post:
"The true anticipation of a phone call! With the internet becoming what it is during my lifetime I sometimes forget how wonderful a phone call from a friend can be. My dearest friend Whitney is across the pond and because of the time change and busy schedules its often really hard to figure out the perfect time to call. She will be in her native land of Texas in just a few short weeks [only 9 days now!] and I cannot wait to be able to chat with her and hear her voice! We have so much catching up to do and its fun to realize how much I am looking forward to that call!"
Me too, Jessi!

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