Saturday, November 29, 2008

relax at home

-Having a table quiz to raise money for the youth program and enjoying the banter, relaxed atmosphere and decadent desserts. There were dozens of yummy treats to chose from: I had a raspberry cake roll and the always-tasty banoffee pie. The whole night felt really comfortable and entertaining.

-Going with several friends to see my friend Kellie's band play and having fun all hanging out together. Back in Decatur, I would often drag friends to little shows, and so I felt really at home and myself to be doing it here.

-Waking up to a really cold morning and indulging in a second steaming cup of tea.

An addition--I don't want to forget this:
-Yesterday I went to visit an immigrant family who live in the area to learn more of their story about how they came here, how life is here for them and what their needs are. As I left, 5 of the children gave me hugs, and 3 said, "I love you" with the joy of genuine affection and the pride of being able to speak English to me. It was a humbling experience for me: here I am, fluent in the language of the place I live, and yet how often do I use it to express love? I have much to learn from these children.

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