Wednesday, November 12, 2008

dream, delicious and dad

-A great chat with Chris about where we think Fitzroy will be this time next year, and the year after... I'm really thankful to be a part of it.

-Going to Common Grounds (as usual) for lunch and asking Stephen what soup they had today. He replied, "Butternut squash, and it's really lovely. I've changed the recipe a bit--a little more nutmeg and some cloves--please let me know what you think!"

-Reading my Dad's blog and being amazed at the way he weaves stories together with subtle grace and finds hidden in them a deep, lasting meaning. What a gift.

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Karen said...

Whit! I was journaling today, and we were asked to write some "signs of grace" so I immediately wrote "Glimpses of Grace" at the top of my page to remind me of you my dear friend :)