Tuesday, June 17, 2008


-Discovering my old journal from my first couple of months in Belfast. It made all of those memories come alive again, and stirred in me a fresh awareness of the journey back I'm soon to embark upon. Do you know that in almost every entry I talked about how sure I was that I was called to be there? I'm praying for that same clarity and trust again. I'll share a favorite excerpt.

{September 10, 2004}

"For tea (dinner) tonight, I went to the Blake's from Fitzroy. It was probably the most delightful meal I've had yet--and I'm invited every Friday! We chatted with Chris and their housekeeper from South Africa while the aroma of garlic and tomatoes filled the air and my first real Irish rain pelted the clear ceiling. While drinking the tea I'd longed for all day, I thought this was one of those moments I'd really remember."

-Making a quick trip to pick up my sister's dog Hayden and getting to see my lovely niece Natalie. Her eyes are so bright and full of hope and depth.

-Hearing a thump against my door and seeing Hayden shyly poke his nose in at me.

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