Tuesday, June 10, 2008

all you need is love (and dandelions)

It's been so long! I was at a friend's wedding in Minnesota. I'm back now. :)
-A weekend of celebrating love: my parent's 35th anniversary was Sunday and we celebrated by getting them a park-style bench for their backyard, complete with an engraved plaque. We had to celebrate early because my parents, sister, brother-in-law and I were all at weddings on Saturday. -Going to Minnesota to see my friends Sarah and Chris get married. It was not only a time to celebrate them, but also a time for all of us to be together again and laugh at corny jokes, perpetually give each other a hard time, reminisce and play. Being in the same place (state, even) was comforting and grounding.

-My flight left late Sunday afternoon, which gave me time to hang out with Karen, Rob and their friend Megan some more. We went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, had a yummy rooftop brunch and coffee. Some of the sculptures were interactive, and felt like a glorified playground.

-Having dandelion wars in the park. Big, fluffy, feathery dandelions were everywhere and Rob decided to grab a handful and smack them on my head. I didn't even realize it until it looked like a chicken had exploded behind me. We had so much fun.

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