Sunday, June 29, 2008

more mo ments

I've been at Mo Ranch leading worship for their Youth Celebration and then catching up with friends, and have had so many meaningful moments. I'll share a few.

-The light is just somehow different at Mo. It reflects off of the water and makes everything greener, hazier and softer.
-Seeing good old friends and making new friendships that will last for a long time.
-Connecting with the kids and having them confide in me, laugh with me, cry with me and pray with me.

-Peach-hued flowers that grow along rocks in spiraling spurts of color.

-Leading worship at the Chapel on the Hill, one of the holiest of places for me. I felt called to preach a very prophetic sermon, and when it was over, had never felt the Spirit guiding me as strong as in that moment. Words fail to convey the power of that experience.
-Canoeing down to the rapids at night and sitting in the swirling waters while laughing and telling stories. We were then silenced with awe as we stared at the explosion of stars overhead just in time to see the brightest shooting star I've ever seen (comet-like) gracefully dance across the sky.

-Driving through Texas wine country with my friend Katy and enjoying deep theological discussion and little stops for a sip of wine here and there.

-Stopping at a roadside stand for fresh peaches, and having the farmer drive up on his tractor. He let us sample a peach first, and the sweet fruit was juicy and made you smile as you ate it. I brought some to Ash and Clay and baked them a tasty peach cobbler with them.
-Meeting up with Karen and Rob to catch up. So far, we've met up in three states in the last month and a half or so, and it was so nice to walk in and receive really heartfelt hugs.

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