Sunday, May 25, 2008


-Delicious tacos (and taquitos and tortillas...) and pinto beans. Oh, how I've missed such great homemade Mexican food.

-My little clover that kept opening and closing made the trek to Texas, and has now developed quite an an intricate root structure. I think it will bring me luck (and the hope of a new opening every morning) for a long time.

-A lazy morning (Sundays haven't been lazy for me in years!) spent cooking breakfast in my pajamas and taking time to enjoy it. I'll be at church next Sunday I'm sure, but having one Sunday "off duty" was wonderful...and holy in its own way.


Sarah said...

OMG Whitney, that food looks SO good!!!! Now i am hungry.

Whitney said...

hot plate mexican! mmm. can't wait 'til the wedding!

Gareth said...

nice new template and feel Whit! congrats on the graduation, enjoy your time at home, and please do spill the beans on what's next for you in this journey.
(i hope to spill some beans myself too now that CPE is done)