Sunday, May 04, 2008

landing on something

-One of the youth saying that "believing in God is important so that when you fall, really hard, you land on something." Wow. I never hear anything that profound in seminary.

-While driving back to campus with my windows down and the radio blaring, I decided I wasn't ready to stop driving. The song was really good, so I just kept driving, being guided by familiar paths, and ended up at my favorite coffee shop. I went in (because I seemed to be on some internal Auto-pilot) and ordered a coffee and then saw that there were about 10 musicians hanging out and having a jam session. I stayed with my coffee and sat as they sang about Georgia mornings, cats and love. I soaked it all in, and felt really alive. I felt a little like I did sitting in a trattoria in Italy, just being in the moment. I realized God led me to that moment so She could fill me up. It's amazing how God can use 30 minutes of an ordinary day to make life extraordinary.

-Playing guitar outside, singing old camp praise songs, and chatting to friends as they passed by.

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