Wednesday, May 21, 2008

home base

(Playing catch-up...)
-One last stroll around campus, enjoying the trees, benches and gothic buildings one more time.

-A wonderful cartoon made for me by a member of the church to thank me for my service. He was a famous cartoonist for the New York Times and more recently taught art at universities. It was so kind.

-Reading all the cards that the youth gave me and realizing how much God did with my time there.

-An amazing road trip: we made it from Georgia to Texas in one day! I knew it could be done, but was thrilled to be home right as it got dark.

-Seeing Texas plains again, complete with a bright orange sun peeking out from behind rows and rows of oak trees.

-Getting a call on my first day back in Texas to help out at Mo Ranch as a worship leader. Mo's just about my favorite place ever.

-Organic farm-fresh eggs that come in all shades of brown and white.

-A blue jay giving me a jaunty little smile (can birds smile?) outside the window.

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M.K. said...

Good to have you back in the state. =)