Tuesday, March 25, 2008

now we're cookin'

-Feeling really inspired to cook again. I was craving chicken enchiladas, and so I made them from scratch with fresh tomatillos, onion, tortillas, pepper jack cheese and chicken. I love tomatillos--they're like tomato's funky cousin. They're not at all as tame as tomatoes, but instead are tangy and green, and like little presents all wrapped up in their coverings. I believe I've finally succeeded in making enchiladas...they were muy deliciosa!

-Someone coming by right at the moment I was unsuccessfully trying to prop open the garbage bin lid while hoisting my trash bag into it. He held the lid open for me and made the entire process much easier.

-An adorably tiny daffodil plant to remind me of Ireland and spring.


Kyle said...

Sure does look good!

Reese said...