Saturday, March 15, 2008

lent berries, craic, dance

-The way raindrops dress every plant in dazzling, clean, color-accentuating clothes. (An aside: you know you've been in seminary too long when you name a picture like this "Lent Berries." Haha!)

-Lots of good friend time...what N. Irish folks call "good craic." Maybe it's catching up after my trip, or the realization of only two months left here, or the procrastination of my midterm work, but I've spent a lot of time with great friends this week.

-Seeing Karen preach and then perform one of the most heartfelt and joyful liturgical dances I've seen. I found myself teary (but things seem to affect me emotionally more these days...children laughing, the strum of a guitar...I think I'm coming into a season of vulnerability and openness before God. It's wonderful.).

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Vickie said...


Your Lent Berries photo is beautiful, as is the rest of your blog. Thank you for reading Erin's site and for leaving such kind words.

I also am caught in the malaise of midterm junk, but will give myself a break from time to time this week to explore your writings, photography, and your recommended links.

It's completely spring (almost summer) in Texas.