Tuesday, February 26, 2008

trusting the light

-Waking up with no power. We had a huge storm last night, and so I didn't have power for the the first part of the morning. There was something organic and whole-feeling about getting ready by candlelight and daylight. I felt somehow more earthy, and leaving my hair wet and wearing little makeup was refreshing.

-The tiny bubbles that form on the inside of my vase of flowers. Millions of tiny bubbles cling to the stems and clothe them in light-reflecting beauty.

-Getting my hair cut at a Korean place with my friend Sharon. She translated for me in the beginning, and I showed the woman cutting my hair a picture of what I wanted. As she cut my hair faster than I've ever seen (almost Edward Scissorhands-esque) I felt a moment of panic at the different way she was doing it. Then, I thought that I just had to trust her. There was no way I would even be able to communicate my anxiety to her, so I just sat and trusted. I left with one of the best haircuts I've ever had and a soothing complimentary cup of green tea. It seems God is teaching me a lot about trust lately.

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