Thursday, February 21, 2008

joy, warmth, beauty

-Having the Korean Hope Choir from Seoul on campus. There were about 20 people all together, and then came into the library for a tour and an impromptu (heartbreakingly beautiful) song. My friend Jae was hosting them, and he invited me over to meet them. I've learned a bit of Korean from Jae, and so I greeted them all by saying, "Ano ha sei oh." They all replied in suprise, "OH!!!" and said "Ano!" Everywhere I went on campus I kept running into them, and they would always say "ano ha sei oh whi-tu-nee!" They were the most joyful people I've met in a long time.

-Socks keeping my feet nice and warm.

-Dreaming of emerald green and royal blue oceans.


M.K. said...

The only reason I know how to say hello in Korean is because of Arrested Development. Is that sad?

Whitney said...

haha no funny. i miss you mary! wish you were coming to belfast with us.