Tuesday, February 19, 2008

reconnecting and recharging

-This morning's chapel service. It's my chapel week, and we included a ritual of unbinding of a "Lazarus" figure (i.e. "Unbind him and let him go."). People in the pews participated, and it was so moving to engage in the ritual with a former pastor of mine who is in town.

-An unexpected 2 hours added to my day (class cancelled). I really needed that time.

-A letter from Belfast! Oh, the joy of a physical connection to a place I love. The stamp, the 'Royal Mail Northern Ireland' across the top and even the date listed day-month-year all give me joy. This time the letter's from my friend, Jonee. He's my poet friend, and even wrote me a little fun poem in the letter. In response to my letter saying we should have a pint when I'm there (10 days!!), he said, "definitely, I should be about the time you are over, and a pint would go down very nicely." I can't wait to hear the accent that matches such an interesting use of words.

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