Saturday, February 02, 2008

let it be

(I've been in Birminham for a couple of days visiting a good friend.)
-Constant and comfortable conversation as we cooked, ate and relaxed.

-Pierce praying for me before dinner and including prayer not only to bless our food, but also prayer for my call and future. The sincerity of her prayer made me feel so cared for.

-Waking up from sunlight--not an alarm--streaming into the room and gently letting me know morning had come.

-Stopping on the way home at the Irondale Whistlestop Cafe in Alabama. This is the site of the book and movie "Fried Green Tomatoes." I had them and, along with a coke in a glass bottle, they were delicious. Watching the train go by the window, I wondered how many people had done the exact same thing before me for decades.

-My mind racing with questions about the future, only to be silenced by the radio playing "Let it Be." Okay, God. I get the hint (remind me later, please?).

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Ella said...

I love your enthusiasm for life! It is very evident in what you write.

Atlanta I know it well. Had many friends who went to GA. Tech. Going to the big state of Texas for school. Brave lady, but to live in Ireland is brave too. Long way from the USA. I grew up about 5 hours from you heading south on the Gulf of Mexico.

I grew up on fried green tomatoes and when made right, they taste so good. I've yet to master the art of frying them. I don't eat a lot of fried food though. But what are your thoughts about Okra? I bake mine in Martha White's"hot rize" corn meal, white not yellow as it too sweet in the oven with olive oil and it turns out rather well, or at least in my convection oven.

Good photos and nice to read.