Monday, January 07, 2008

a walk in the woods

-This glimpse is a lot all in one: Tired of being cooped up in church, I decided to go for a little walk in the small wood behind the church. It's amazing how even the smallest encounter with nature can feed my soul. I sat and watched the little lake in front of me, amazed at the gracefully changing shape of the water's surface. Then, I walked along the water and found the tiny stream flowing out of it, forming bubbling small waterfalls along mossy green rocks. The feel of the cool water was invigorating as I dipped my hand in it. I also loved the peeling bark of the tall, skinny trees being lit by the late afternoon sun. All in all, my little brief venture into nature stirred up in the me the feeling of wonder and magic I held for the outdoors as a child. I hope I never outgrow that feeling.

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