Tuesday, January 22, 2008

community & cooking

-The man in the car next to me who gave me a genuinely kind smile and tilted his twead fedora-adorned head towards me. No matter how individualistic our culture has become, we can still find community.

-The joy of going to the farmer's market with no list and only the idea to make some winter vegetable soup. I ended up adding vegetables to my cart by color, so that my soup would be white (potato, mushrooms and onion), green (parsley and celery), orange (carrots) and yellow (squash). I also found my favorite Irish cheese to top it with and couldn't resist pairing the cheese with some rustic multigrain bread as soon as I got home.

-The fun of peeling carrots in long, delicate strips.


Gareth said...

Hey Whit...hope all is warm and well there! your glimpses has me carrying my camera around everywhere, trying to 'capture' grace too. Oh, in other news, my dad is big into LP's now, and has a turntable, amp and a hot collection. Hope yours is still working! long live the lp.

I know this isn't 'that kind of blog' but as a fellow bibliophile you've been tagged:

Whitney said...

Hi G! It's pretty cold here but I'm surviving. I hope your summer is great. I just got a new James Taylor LP today...so amazing. You have a cool dad. :) I'll fit in the book info thingy soon. So, I've applied for a mission job (reconciliation based) in South Africa (and a couple of other places) and won't hear for a few months. Any good contacts for a reconciliation church/community project in SA? Email me if you have any ideas. Thanks, friend.

Gareth said...

wow! most exciting... i'll mail you some leads.

Whitney said...

thanks, g! you're awesome. i'm going to email the projects you mentioned, and see where that goes.