Sunday, January 20, 2008

snow, fire, water

-Snow that fell all day long at our youth retreat at Calvin Center. It was so great to be out of the city and play in the snow.

-Warming our feet constantly by the fire. Some of us even slept by the fire last night, bringing our mattresses and sleeping bags from our rooms. I haven't made a pallet and slept in front of a fire since I was a child, and it brought back fond memories. We all agreed we slept amazingly well with the warmth, dancing shadows and crackles of the fire lulling us to sleep.

-Watching the snow begin to melt, forming beautiful crystal-clear drops on everything.

-During our footwashing ritual in closing worship, one of the youth who had earlier been freaked out by the idea motioned at me to come foward and she washed my feet. It was such a guesture of love and vulnerability, and meant so much.

-Watching our group bond with each other and another church in lasting ways.

-Seeing one of the youth play at Eddie's for his piano recital and being blown away by his talent and candor.

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