Saturday, January 26, 2008

enthusiasm, reminiscing, and decoration

(picture taken in May 2005 on the Ponte Vecchio in front of the Arno River in Florence.)
-The way my Grandmother is enthusiastic about absolutely everything. When I told her I was going shopping with friends, she said, "hallelujah!"

-Watching Under the Tuscan Sun while going through my old pictures from my trip to Italy a couple of years ago. It awoke the lover of travel in me to see the same things on the tv as in my pictures, and to remember the adventures behind me and dream of those before me.

-Jessi and I decorating ourselves with random objects in Karen's backseat as we drove to meet up with friends for game night. Jessi ended up wearing a knit hat with strings attached all night, while I wore (a less logical) bandana on my head. Wearing something silly on purpose seems to bring out the youthful joy in everyone, so we enjoyed singing and dancing to the radio at the top of our lungs.

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