Sunday, November 11, 2007

tree of life

-Finding out that Ash and Clay are having a GIRL! I'm so excited!

-Being assessed as ready to receive a call and then be examined for ordination. For you non-seminary types, this basically means I can put my resume out there, and hope a missionary job involving reconciliation ministry comes my way. My committee was overwhelmingly encouraging, and I am just feeling so "full" at the moment.

-A hobbit-kind-of-Saturday. It began with me wearing the beloved and much desired velvet coat of my Mom's from college, which of course reminded me of what hobbits wear in Lord of the Rings. Then, I actually had lunch at the best little restaurant this side of Middle Earth, the Hobbit Cafe. It's in Houston, and I seem to always go there as a celebration of some milestone in this journey to ordination. Lastly, I found the greatest traveling bag that has a big tree of life on it, that is somewhat similar to the tree of Gondor in LotR. I know, I'm a huge nerd. Isn't it great? Oh, and best of all, the bag is fair trade! You know hobbits would shop fair trade. ;)


Just thinkin' said...

Your committee was overwhelmed by you! We are so grateful for you and your call to ministry. We can't wait to see what is planned for you!

butterflygyrl13 said...

That's awesome that Ash and Clay are having a girl!

And I love your Hobbit fits you perfectly!

Whitney said...

Thank you! I'm working on my PIF now, and have my One Door mission profile posted--so exciting!

I know, Tara! I can't wait to have a niece. And yes, I am still the Hobbit nerd I always was. :)