Thursday, November 15, 2007

mail call

-Mailing in my application for mission service (the essay part). I'm so excited!!! Next comes references and the presbytery endorsement form, but I already had a professor (my mission prof no less) offer to be a reference. It's really happening!

-Putting on a warm, fuzzy, oversized sweatshirt and spending the whole morning wearing it and my houseshoes as I did work inside.

-A steaming cup of mint hot chocolate to keep me warm during class.


Ryan Pappan said...

Where is this mission service? I am jealous you are going to to missions.

Just thinkin' said...

Prayers from your CPM are with you and with those who read your application. God has planned great things for you!

Whitney said...

where is still tbd. i'm applying to be a mission coworker, and i want to do reconciliation ministry, so i've specified that i want to be placed in a conflict/post-conflict area. we'll see!

thanks (cassandra?)! i'm feeling incredibly blessed these days.