Monday, November 12, 2007

praying and listening

-Catching a live show of Damien Rice on the radio that was so great I stayed in my car to listen after I got home.

-The little boy at dinner who blessed his food by saying loudly, "God, eat this food!"

-A powerful prayer used in my Feminist & Womanist Ethics class. It's by Carolyn Stahl Bohler:

"Infinite One,
May we have a right perspective on our very real finitude as well as our infinite capacities.
May we not fool ourselves into thinking that we can live forever or that we are capable of doing or being all things, even for a few people. May we not be self-sufficient. Yet may we never limit what you can do through us. May we have a little more wisdom, a little more love.
We hope for and expect much. May we know when these hopes are too high or too low. May you accelerate us or put on our brakes, in a gentle way.
Gratefully, Amen."

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