Sunday, November 18, 2007

once upon a swell season

(thanks for the pics, Jessi.)
-Seeing the best live show I've seen in ages. I saw Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, known as "The Swell Season." They were both in this brilliant Irish film called Once. To have them literally right in front of me playing songs I knew so well from the film was both surreal and inspiring. I loved when Glen explained that the hole in his guitar (the same one he played in the movie) is because it's so well loved. He's even been offered a brand new guitar by Takamine (because they're embarassed at the shabby shape his is in), but he remains loyal to his original one.

-Being cheerfully greeted in a parking lot by someone I don't know.
-A proliferation of ladybugs around the doorway to my dorm. Today, I came inside and noticed one had landed on me and come in as well.


Jessi said...

Oh you're welcome! Wonderful show!!

Whitney said...

Yeah it was!

Mo said...

I've just been reading about this film. It sounds great. I love ladybugs too especially the tickly feeling of one crawling on my hand.