Monday, September 03, 2007

video, audio and storage

-The quirkiness, humor and love of Amelie. What an amazing movie. While I'm at it...Stardust is one of the best movies I've seen all year. (Just wanted to plug it...really, I think everyone should see it.)

-A member of my church coming up to me after the service with a gift. I opened it, and it was the box set of BBC's radio plays of Lord of the Rings on CD. I had mentioned my love of the trilogy in my last sermon there in May, and so he decided I needed it. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift! I've already listened to two of the CD's, and it's brilliant. I can hear my favorite story while cooking, eating dinner and getting ready for the coming week. It's great.

-Jessi and I miraculously fitting her new shelves (in 6 feet long boxes) from Ikea into her teeny-tiny Jetta. We were able to get the top of her convertible down and wedge them behind the seats. Cheering at our accomplishment was perhaps the most fun part of the whole encounter.

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