Monday, September 10, 2007

first and later

-Leading my first Sunday night fellowship as youth director and really enjoying it. I especially loved when one teenager turned to me after and said, "How are you doing?" After so much time trying to catch up with their lives, it's nice to have a young person catch up with mine.

-A little girl in the grocery store coming out of nowhere to pick up what I dropped. I know Presbyterians don't really believe in karma, but it was certainly interesting and amusing when, a few minutes later, a woman in front of me in the store dropped her glasses and I picked them up for her.

-The first (and last) bite of the buttery popcorn I'd been dreaming of all during class.

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Ryan Pappan said...

I think I am still a Presby and I dig the karma and I also lean to the universalists apps...I think.