Thursday, September 13, 2007

float, share, save.

-A bright blue butterfly floating around my car as I walk up to it.

-A parking lot conversation with co-workers as we left the church that made us feel like a team, sharing the burdens of ministry.

-Sitting in the grass and catching up with Katy. She's made a committment to not buy any new clothes for one year, to set that money aside for travelling. I'm really inspired by this (because I don't need to acquire more "things" in my last year of seminary) and am going to give it a try. We're already discussing taking a trip together to Napa on a wine tour with our savings.

1 comment:

butterflygyrl13 said...

Firt of all...yay for butterflies!! I love them!

Second...that's a good idea to not buy new clothes and use that money for a trip. Not really sure I could do that though. Good luck!