Friday, September 14, 2007

little red (raining) hood

-Opening my living room window to let the coolness and smell of rain waft in. I instinctually made a cuppa--tea and rain just go so well together.

-Pulling my little red hood on to cover my head from the rain as I move from the car to indoors.

-Having a huge amount of work to do, and yet not being stressed by any of it. I know I'll get it all done somehow.


Erin said...

The picture is amazing, my friend. Oh the joys of school & work- I know you'll get it all done. You always do. Miss you lots. We need to chat soon about coming up here- NYC!!! Love!

Whitney said...

thanks! i hope you're enjoying work. i think i still have my smiley face you made me in a busy time saying "it will all get done." :) i miss you too...see yesterday's post about me saving up for travel! i definitely need to make it up to see you this fall.

Karen said...

Good thing you had the super-cute hoodie to ward off the rain! :)

Whitney said...

you're right! and it's my last purchase for a while, so i'm glad you talked me into it. :)