Sunday, March 04, 2007

probing questions and reflections

-The way my lantern glowed fun sunflower-like patterns onto the table.

-Watching Why We Fight with friends last night. It's a provocative and eye opening look at the military industrial complex in America, especially post-World War II. It was also a winner at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The words of Eisenhower's farewell speech at the end of his term were especially prophetic.

-A leisurely lunch with Leslie.


Pappy McVulgar said...

I loved "Why We Fight". I thank you for your glimpses of Grace. I keep thinking I need to look for grace more in my life.

Whitney said...

It is a powerful documentary. Thanks for reading. Middler year at seminary seems to be the hardest of all...I think we kind of hit a disenchanted wall. Hang in there, friend. Grace is there, prevenient right?? :)

Pappy McVulgar said...

I think prevention lies in a bottle? The one with the jin...or is it gin?
Middler sucks, they all said it got easier. liars!

Whitney said...

i spoke of "prevenient" not "prevention." :) you know, that God's grace is before we are. (although prevention grace is an interesting idea)