Wednesday, March 21, 2007

outside and out of

-Spending my ten minutes between working in the bookstore and babysitting Logan by lying on a blanket outside with Margaret, Claire and Claudia. The warm sun hitting my face as Margaret read me some poetry was a blissful, relaxing moment.

-The bright purple flowering trees all around Atlanta that scream "Spring" at me as I pass them.

-The opening bars of my Out of Africa record. The first song makes me nostalgic for South Africa and my home in Texas simultaneously. I think Out of Africa is the most beautiful record I own.


Anonymous said...

hey! that's a redbud tree, the official tree of oklahoma

love ya

Whitney said...

awesome...i'm so glad i have an oklahoman friend. hey-duke has 2 tour dates in the US. they're in VA and CA though. :( i might have to email him and say to come to the south.

love you too.