Friday, March 09, 2007

feeling the love

-Playing the piano while babysitting Logan. It was incredibly therapeutic, and I loved the look of my wine-colored nails on the white and black keys.

-It's been a challenging week, so coming home to find a pot of bright red tulips outside my door with a note, saying: "Whit, We love you!" from my friends Rob and Karen was just what I needed. I felt so loved.

-Karen cooked Sarah and me (Kate, we missed you) dinner, and it was delicious eggplant rollitinis. Sarah also brought us flowers (pink tulips--my second for the night!), and we laughed and talked and ate for hours. When I came home, there was a little bag of Girl Scout cookies hanging on my door from Erin to brighten my day. What great friends I have.


Sarah said...

Yeah flowers, wine and talking!!

Whitney said...

heck yeah :) (almost as fun as dress shopping!)