Thursday, October 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time in Brady

Once upon a time, a Carolina-dwellin'-Texan-Gal donned her Lucchese boots and was magically transported to a land where zebras roamed beneath ancient cave drawings, a wedding took place in a backyard that rivaled an English garden and delighted children danced while consuming cupcakes and laughing with glee.  
Or to put it more simply, I spent last weekend in Tejas celebrating my cousin Lee's wedding with lots of family.  It all kicked off with a "Sangria Safari."  You heard that right.  We decked out the party room on the bluff overlooking the water for a fun soirée honoring the Lady Lee and, though there wasn't a Victrola wafting Mozart or Robert Redford washing our hair (what a shame), it was a party worthy of Isak Dinesen.   

Aunt K. putting the finishing touches on that scrumptious, slightly-sweet sangria.

Thirsty glasses.

Grandmother's lovely flowers.

(And divine caraway-cheddar crackers.)

We're clearly health nuts, y'all.

Aunt K.'s Mexican iced tea.

I promise I didn't drink a ton of sangria before making this "centerpiece."  Not my best work.  What, you've never seen a zebra with a flowered-feathered headdress??

I do believe that there tusk is real, y'all, but also real old (aka when that sort of thing was legal).  Don't focus on the poor elephant roaming with one tusk...look instead at those shabby chic burlap & lace wine bottles my Mamacita made.

Purple is Lee's favorite color.  It turns out purple m&m's really do taste better.

Getting the guest list started...

These beauties are now living on my mantle.  Love them!

And the party kicked off with great conversation...

...and relaxing vistas.

Cheetah woman!

Did I mention how good the purple m&m's were?

Or the sangria?
This is the life.

I resisted every urge to whisk this fabulously-painted chair away as a "carry on" for my flight back to NC.

The wedding festivities were beautiful, with a golden-sunset-and-candlelit-rehearsal-dinner and a wedding full of laughter and joy.  Lee and Luis looks so happy!  Then it was time to celebrate!

Meet the Queen of Celebration, y'all.  Lady 'Livia.  She even has the wave down.

Lovely centerpieces with wildflowers and candles.

A bit of a grainy photo, but this was adorable.  Nat and Gigi laid on the floor to watch Lee and Luis have their first dance and then they ran over to us jumping up and down and shouting, "I'm going to get married!  And wear flowers in my hair!  And DANCE!"  Precious.
My sista and me.

The next morning, after catching up with lots of family over breakfast in the hotel, it was playtime with the girls as we got things packed up.  The luggage rack proved the most entertaining.

What a delightful time!


Tara said...

Lovely pictures from a lovely weekend. It was so great to see you again. Just sorry we didn't have time to catch up more! Hopefully we will get a chance at Bonnie's wedding...whenever that may be! Lol.

Karen said...

OF COURSE the purple m&m's taste better! Purple is always better :)