Tuesday, October 02, 2012

connected by oceans of friendship

-Receiving a package from wonderful friends in Germany and Belfast: Andrea, Tilmann and Joanna.  Jo went to visit them in Berlin and while they were together, they gathered various odds and ends to send me.  So incredibly thoughtful!  They send loads of German chocolates (the absolute BEST stuff), an antique silver cake server, a vintage candleholder and Jo threw in a massive box of tea from Belfast (just in time for Autumn) and a charming Shire necklace from St. George's Market.  I have the most amazing friends ever.  As Andrea wrote in her card, "the ocean between us doesn't divide, it connects."

-The sweet look on my little dog's face.  He loves his suitcase bed.

-A day full of planning, meetings and pastoral visits that left me both exhausted and deeply fulfilled.

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