Sunday, November 13, 2011

purple cows and striped horses

Guess what?  Cameron Presbyterian had their congregational meeting to approve my calling as their next pastor!  I'm thrilled.  I'm getting all packed up and ready to move, but I also made a quick trip with my parents to Brady, Texas to see my Aunt Madelynn and Uncle Jack.  The great thing about driving that direction is that you go right through charming San Antonio, where somehow your car magically drives in the direction of the riverwalk and tasty Mexican food.

Casa Rio is the best place, with their vibrant umbrellas and relaxing view.  It was slightly chilly, so I had a delicious bowl of tortilla soup.

Hayden enjoyed himself, too.  Though he began to think his name was "Awww" with all the doting dog fans who passed by.


Full of yummy Mexican food, it was off to Bradytown.  Hayden enjoyed his nap on the journey.  Fortunately, fantastic Fredericksburg is also on the way, so we stopped in their tempting kitchen store.

(They also make fantastic dark chocolate mochas.)

We arrived in Brady, had a fabulous dinner and enjoyed catching up and then the next day went back to Fredericksburg to really explore.

This sculpture is in the park, and it shows a peace pipe being shared between a Native American and a settler.  The treaty between the Comanche Nation and the people of Fredericksburg is the only known peace treaty with Native Americans that was never broken.  The things you learn walking through a garden.

The antiques abounded, and I found this vintage canister set that will be perfect in my kitchen.  And really, what does a person need besides tea, coffee and sugar? :)

The sunrises at my aunt and uncle's house were stunning, especially with the full moon glowing.

Hayden enjoyed his own moment in the sun.

We had a delicious Texan breakfast of taquitos with bacon.

(Perhaps I need a 'bacon' canister!)

My Aunt's stylish sitting room.  I adore the color combination and especially love that green loveseat.

My uncle works on a ranch and took us driving around.  There were the usual sights, like old barns and windmills.  But then we saw something unexpected...

Purple cows!  They've been eating prickly pear (cactus) that has a beetle living on it.  The cactus looks like it has a white substance on it, but when it's smushed (technical term) it produces a bright purple dye.  So, the cows wind up purple.

Okay, lady, enough with the pictures.

These are cave drawings from around 1000 ad.  It's pretty amazing that they're still so vibrant.

Speaking of vibrant, purple cows were not the only strange creatures to see.  They have some exotic animals and we came across a zebra gathering.

This is the charming little house that my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Travis would stay in from time to time.  I remember visiting it when I was young.

A gorgeous sunset on the way home.  What a fun little trip.


Tara said...

Yay to so many of those things! And I really miss the house that Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Travis would stay in. I love that place!

E Hendrickson said...

Love sight seeing with you. Can't wait to see what you find here in the backwoods of NC!