Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pixies & giraffes

-Being brave and getting my hair cut in a pixie.  I really like it, but also don't quite recognize myself in the mirror yet.  As I left the hairdresser, he asked the woman waiting, "Are you going to be as brave as Whitney today?"  She replied that she can't pull off short hair because of what she called a "giraffe neck."  I said that I didn't have a giraffe anything and we all chuckled.

-Feeling grateful for my ability to pack boxes and lift them (well, most of them) and also grateful that manual labor is not what I do for a living.  I will have newfound respect for my movers when they come.

-A thoughtful invitation and hospitality experienced before I even arrive in North Carolina.


BeluBelloBelle said...

Beautiful you ... it's all match (^_^)

Anonymous said...

With your blue eyes and red lips you could make anything look good