Saturday, December 10, 2011

the whole enchilada

-Opening a box (my primary activity these days) and discovering that it was full of Christmas presents!  I am trying to be strong and wait until a Skype Christmas gathering with my parents to open them.  But that little zebra one's just begging to be peeked at.  Self-control is not easy, folks.  I remember when I was little and my sister and I would scout out the house for presents.  There was a big chest in my parents' bedroom and we meticulously looked at how everything was arrayed on top of it (including a perfectly parted tassel) and then delved into it, discovering all of our presents.  We then carefully put everything back, even parting that tassel in the exact same place, and my parents never knew until I told them years later.  I will be strong, I will be strong...

-The kind woman at JC Penney who, when I asked where she found her coupon for $20 off, said they came in the mail and then just handed it to me, saying she was only going to use the $10 off one (you had to spend a certain amount per coupon).  I was buying a down comforter for my bed, and that $20 off, plus the half off sale in the store, made it an amazing deal.  People are so kind.
(And I do love my Nana's quilt I mentioned yesterday, but was just looking for all-white bedding in my room.  That wonderful quilt will go in the guest room.)
-Making enchiladas and rice and beans for dinner.  There's something about us Texans that, when the weather gets a little chilly, we crave Mexican food to warm us up.  My enchiladas were a bit too light on the sauce but tasted amazing and did the job.  I'll post the recipe on Wild Honey soon.


Lynn said...

Oh my - I guess you'll be away from home for Christmas. Being the pastor, you would handle the Christmas services. Will your family come to you?

Those packages will be perfect under your tree. :)

Whitney said...

Yep, Lynn I'll be blissfully busy on Christmas. My family isn't coming for Christmas, but we're going to get together at some point later in January.

I need to get a tree! Have to get all those boxes out of the way - perhaps I'll start the trend of a New Years tree??

E Hendrickson said...

Looking forward to the Grace you Grace us with next week. The Benediction today was an amazing glimpse of things to come. (all smiles on this end)!