Tuesday, December 27, 2011

even the rain is lovely

-Reading a journal I kept in Honduras when I was there over a decade ago as a bit of research for a sermon.  I can see how God was moving in my life then and leading me to where I am now.  It brought back vivid memories of rain-soaked mountains and jubilant children.

 -A nice little glass of wine at the end of a blissfully full day.

-The sun shining through raindrops on the window, making them glisten like diamonds.

-Several thoughtful gifts, including a first edition of the Church of Ireland and England Book of Common Prayer, a coffee mug with a picture of my nieces and me and Hayden on it and a picture from my Grandmother.  I have a rather big birthday coming up pretty soon, and was contemplating splurging on some really nice fleur de sel (French sea salt) to cook with.  But then my car decided that 2012 was not a year it wanted to see and went off to that salvage yard in the sky.  So, rather than the sea salt, I ended up purchasing myself something a bit more exciting:

Adorable, huh?  She's a dream to drive and just fits my personality.  I'm still deciding on names (suggestions welcome!).

(Hayden seems to enjoy it.)

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Lynn said...

Love that car! How about Rosie? :)