Monday, December 19, 2011

pigs, plays and pals

-Going to the Pik N' Pig with Cat (the clerk of session and now a good friend).  We had a wonderful time!  And I got to sample some North Carolina barbecue.  It was delicious, and thankfully they had a barbecue sauce that was pretty close to what I was used to.

-Those cornbread muffins with jalapeno butter made me feel right at home!  There's a little airport right next to the Pik N Pig and so military folks often fly in for lunch and then fly off again.  It was a great time with Cat (as always) and I will definitely be returning to that perfect piggy place.

-Going with Cameron folks to see A Christmas Carol at the Temple Theater in Sanford.  It was a creative and uplifting rendition of the traditional tale, made even better by the wonderful company, tasty food and energetic conversation.

-Waking up in the morning to perfect golden light to warm me as I sipped my coffee.

-My dear friends from Atlanta, Joe and Bonnie, coming to visit for my first service at Cameron.  They go to Eastminster, the wonderful church where I worked during seminary.  It was so kind of them to come all this way to wish me well.  We enjoyed dinner at a great local Italian place and talked world travel (they've been everywhere).  It was wonderful to see old friends and especially cheering to see their smiling faces when I stood up to the pulpit at Cameron the first time.

-Tonya from church giving me these hilarious (and true, I might add) earrings.  Those Cameron folks have welcomed me with open arms.

-Speaking of hospitality, Jane and Billy from church called to let me know that when they were out buying their Christmas tree, they also "picked one up" for me, like it's the most ordinary thing in the world to do.  What a kindness!  I have a gorgeous, wintery-smelling tree in my living room and now it really feels like Christmas.

-Enjoying my first service at Cameron and feeling overwhelmed with joy at being here.  What a gift this place is to me.

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Lynn said...

Cameron is just a perfect fit for you. I am delighted that the people there love you already. I had a feeling someone would bring you a tree. :)

Robert Thomson announced in church that this was your first Sunday preaching in your new church and that Joe and Bonnie were there. I'm so glad they were there.

Are those hushpuppies on that first plate?