Sunday, April 18, 2010

a walk in the woods

-It was a lovely, sunny Saturday and my housemate Jonee and I went walking through the Cregagh Glen and it was so refreshing to just breathe fresh air, see sunlight on bright green grass, white flowers blooming together and trees arching overhead like inviting tunnels to hobbiton.
-Then, we went to see the docks where the Titanic was built here in Belfast. Above is where the Titanic was built and stored until its fateful journey. As I stood there in utter silence, I tried to imagine a ship that large and the tragedy that occurred. It really did feel like a heavy place.

-Sunlight illuminating a cloud so brightly that Jonee exclaimed as he pointed at it (we were in his convertable on one of the rare days the top can be down), "Oh, wow, take a picture!"

-A Sunday full of thoughtful and engaging prayers, remarkable recitations of scripture with no notes whatsoever, music to connect me with God and my sense of calling and simple, articulate wisdom on the heart of the gospel. Fitzroy really is a talented place.


Lynn said...

A lovely walk on a lovely day. Thank you for the stroll through what truly looks like an enchanted forest, Whit. :)

A woman in North Carolina posted a photo of similar little flowers today. So many miles apart and the flowers are the same...

Fiona said...

You know those white flowers you saw,, they were one of the ones my dad got people to identify on sunday at the caring for creation walk,, i think it was called wood anaenome or something like that!!