Wednesday, April 28, 2010


-Having a meeting postponed until next week, meaning that a night that would've been rushed was suddenly opened up. I made Karen's wonderful chicken and black bean tacos (with homemade tortillas! yeeeehaw), did a bit of cleaning, caught the second half of Tristan and Isolde and made it to bed early with a cup of rooibos tea.

-My ladies Bible study met yesterday and they were just so enthusiastic and engaged. With about 5 decades of an age difference between us, I'm so honored that they want to hear what I have to say and that I can learn from them.

-Seagulls calling outside my window, making me feel like I'm on a beach vacation.


Andrew said...

Whitney, it's so great to hear that a Texan such as yourself enjoys Rooibos tea :) Who would have thought that a little plant from South Africa could bring some comfort all the way in Ireland. Be blessed.

Lynn said...

I love Rooibos tea, too. Love it. And your tacos sound yummy! I'm impressed that you make your own tortillas.

Whitney said...

I cheat with my rooibos's actually rooibos with a touch of caramel in it. SO delicious. The tacos were very tasty. I was able to make tortillas because a family friend was in Dublin about a month ago and brought me a HUGE bag of White Wings Tortilla Mix. I think I'm eating even more tortillas here in Belfast then I would in Texas! It's great.