Friday, June 26, 2009

meandering home

-When I realized that my bus home from the city centre wasn't coming for another 30 minutes, I decided to walk. The walk was way better than the bus ride...I saw a gorgeous orange and pink sunset over the Lagan and picked flowers growing wildly on hedges along the sidewalk. The bus didn't even catch up to me until I was a block away from home.

-At our last pratice for carnival dance (the carnival's tomorrow!), one of the drummers came over and said "You guys look great." I hope we keep dancing after this, because it's been a bizarrely fun experience.

-I was frustrated this afternoon trying to find the best deal on a flight home for the end of July, and the next thing I knew, I heard my co-worker on the phone to a flight company asking about "flights to Houston for my friend." He helped me as we trudged from site to site and phone call to phone call, and finally achieved a booked ticket. It was really nice of him, and a relief to have things booked.

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