Saturday, June 27, 2009

make a move

-Dancing in the Belfast Carnival. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so much imagination and beauty. I had a wonderful (and exhausting) time.

-A postcard from Ian and Gina in Italy saying that they found their hostel after some travel trouble, and now they "explore the home of Michelangelo, Raphael and all of the other Ninja Turtles." :)

-Hearing from Lori that she's meeting up with my friend Lynn in Atlanta, who I blog-introduced her to when I found out she was moving from here to there. I love that two people I think are really fun are going to meet and hang out. Little world colliding!


Lynn said...

Whitney - what a wonderful photo of you.

Yes - Lori and I met for lunch today in Decatur at Sweet Melissa's. The original plan to meet at Brick Store Pub was foiled because it was so packed!

Thank you for introducing me to her - I love having new friends. And she is great!

Josh said...

awesome pic, whit!