Saturday, December 22, 2007

under the Texan sun

Sorry it's been so long! With work, getting ready for Christmas, traveling, funerals**, phone calls and more, blogging's fallen by the wayside. I'll be better about posting now, I promise! (Although posting pictures at home is proving a bit tricky.)

**This post is dedicated to my Aunt Louise, who read my blog every day, and who will be very missed by us all.**

-Sitting outside in the warm Texas sunlight, reading a book and petting my parents' dog, Fritz.

-Finally getting a really great night's sleep.

-The perfect turkey avocado sandwich for lunch.

-Catching up with family.

-Getting an email that confirms my first "conversation" about being a mission worker with P.C. (U.S.A.) staff.

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Nursie said...

This was so sweet of you to do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Debbie S.