Sunday, December 09, 2007

soup, special & shampoo

-Being invited to stay for lunch at church, and having the most delicious soup, sandwich and cake. I noticed how completely at ease I was, and realized how much this church has cared for me.

-We had our youth Christmas party tonight, and I was really tired beforehand. But the party turned out really fun: I caught a second wind, we had more youth come than I expected, we sang "opera-style" Christmas carols while I played guitar, and during the mystery gift exchange, one of the youth gave me the dark chocolate bar he got because he knew I liked it. All in all, a great time, and well worth the energy it required.

-Treating myself to some new shampoo because I had to go grocery shopping after the party and a session meeting. It smells really nice, and will be sure to wake me up in the morning (something I really need these busy days!).

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