Friday, December 07, 2007

holiness actually is all around

-Going into Richards Center and hearing drumming and clapping. The Black Seminarians Association was in the middle of a Kwanzaa celebration, and they let me join in with clapping, dancing and shaking this neat drum thing. It was really fun.

-Attending a Buddhist prayer service for class, and discovering that it was only two monks (one male, one female) who lived in the ashram and prayed every morning and night. They had turned what was once a crack house in Atlanta into their dojo. I meditated with them (with some distraction as my legs went numb) as they drummed and chanted and was moved by their sincere devotion. Then, they invited me to have a simple dinner with them, as they broke their week-long fast for peace. It was so comfortable and relaxed to be eating dinner with two Buddhist monks I had never met and learn their philosophy of simplicity, pacifism and enlightenment. It was a holy experience.

-Watching a familiar movie and knowing my favorite lines before they were spoken.

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