Wednesday, October 24, 2007

rhythm and blues

-Gearing myself up to enter all of the youth program dates into the church website calendar, only to find that Leslee had already done it for me.

-Misty blue water outside my window as I worked on Bible study at Starbucks. It was also a nice touch that my cup had a Jimmy Carter quote on it: "Peace is more than just the absence of war..."

-Driving home from church and having this inexplicable feeling of complete happiness and contentment with my life. This can't really be attributed to any sudden change (although good ords results helped), but is more the feeling of being caught up in a rhythm that I am not creating, with a vaguely familiar and deeply joyful melody.


Cathelou said...

Hi Whitney:

Congratulations on good ords results! Hope you're doing well.


Whitney said...

Thanks, Jami! We miss y'all around here.