Tuesday, October 16, 2007

come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

-Booking a flight to Belfast for early March. I thought about how badly I wanted to go, cleared my schedule for the first week in March yesterday and then just booked it. I can't wait to chat with old friends, have an Ulster fry for breakfast, hear that quirky accent again and worship in my old church.

-A stimulating class discussion where I was able to learn a lot from my African American classmates about the issues they face in their churches as women. There's something so important about sharing stories and experiences to become agents for change in our churches, communities and world.

-After a movie with Melissa, I decided to see if my friends were still out watching the football game. When I got to the parking lot of the sports bar, I saw one of their cars, and knew friendly faces would greet me inside. When I walked in, they did.


Reese said...

We're moving from Germany to Great Britain in January and I'm really looking forward to traveling and experiencing the UK and Ireland. I've been fascinated with the whole place forever!

I have to ask: what is an Ulster fry?

Cheers! Reese

Whitney said...

You'll love it. An Uster fry is something you find in Northern Ireland, although England & Ireland have variations of it. It's basically the most filling breakfast imaginable: potato bread toasted with a fried egg on top, soda bread, bacon, sausage & a tomato. It's delicious and will probably fill all of your caloric needs for a day in one meal!