Wednesday, July 25, 2007

dancing with the girls

-Ruata easing my fears about the spider crawling on my car window. I had to roll down the window to use my parking card, and he got rid of it for me. Then, he confessed that he was not afraid of spiders, but caterpillars. That confession made me laugh out loud.

-Opening the Book of Common Worship that my committee at Eastminster had given me and discovering that they had all written kind and encouraging notes to me in the first pages. Does that make it a yearbook for seminarians?

-Dancing and singing with Karen and Kate. It all began when someone decided to play Madonna's "Like A Prayer"...and the silliness just increased from there.


Erin said...

Whitney, I believe it is a yearbook for us! Your blog made me smile today, which is what I needed. Miss you, Erin

Mo said...

It's great fun to dance and sing. I do it every day (when no ones looking or listening!).