Monday, August 06, 2012

Under the Texan Sun

As promised, I'd like to share a bit of my Texas fun while on vacation.  Good books, strong coffee, relaxing family, precious nieces, Guadalupe River, old friends...what's not to love?  

Before we headed to my favorite place of all (Mo Ranch) for my family reunion, I got to enjoy a bit of time at a couple other delightful places.  First, the Hobbit Cafe with my mom and grandmother.

And then, the next day on our way to Mo, we stopped for lunch at the Casa Rio on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  Such a charming place.

And then, Mo!

Grant aka Ol' Blue Eyes and his daddy.

Adorable Olivia doing what she does best (smiling with those two cute teeth).  I should warn you, I turned into a paparazzo around her and took a ton of pictures!

Clay making her laugh.

Hey, Gigi Girl!
Grandmother relaxing.

Our little gold medal Olympic gymnast.

Gigi's gonna get me!

Uncle Jack passing on his grillin' wisdom to some precious proteges.

Natalie is so theatrical!  Here is her "I'm the leader" face.

Followed by a bit of sideways silliness.

Grant and my Aunt Madelynn.

Aunt Karen enjoying the sunshine.

Cute Patranella silhouette.

Playing with Nonnie.

Isn't she lovely?

Hanging by the grill is the place to be.  (Sometimes, you get samples.)

Grant getting his Nascar on.

Natalie, too.

And Gigi!
Ash and Grandmother.


Please, no pictures.

A Mo-style safari ride.

Let's go to the river!

That glorious Guadalupe.

Papa and Gigi having a laugh.

Adele and Justin walking to the rapids.

The pool was fun, too!

This is fun!
Grant has gotten so big!

Strolling with Gigi.

Nat and Gigi hanging out with their daddio.

Let me see the picture!
Natalie's pensive pose.

Followed by her sassy one.

Love my girls.

Campfire time!
And hanging out on a wagon.

Aunt K rockin' the firepit.

I love Gigi's face here.

Papa and Olivia.
Taking a stroll.
I will get you!
My family is fond of our hats.

Lee following the lil' man.

This is the proper way to cook a smore, y'all.  Mmm charred, melty goodness.

Our last morning, I went up to the Chapel on the Hill to watch the sunrise, like I always did as a teenager at Midwinter Conferences at Mo.  It was so peaceful.

(I had to bring my coffee with me.)

And my Papacito. 


Lee and 'Livy.  They're both ridiculously photogenic.

So. Incredibly. Cute!

Grandmother and Olivia having a great chat.

After a wonderful time at Mo, I headed to Victoria for a little time at home that was spent watching the Olympics, hanging with my parents, reading a great book and eating amazing Mexican food.  Utter, complete relaxation.

Then, I headed to H-town for a few more days with my girls.  Natalie gets great joy from her marker hands.

Olivia is endlessly fascinated by her own hands.

And her toes.
And reach like Gabby!

I really couldn't stop taking her picture.

Playing from the first second I woke up.  Fun!

Olivia taking a little siesta on me.

Fairy Princess Natalie.
Fairy Princess Gigi (with double wings).

What a perfect vacation!


BRW said...

wonderful days together, and perfect pictures for remembering them . . . xoxo

Lynn said...

Love this, Whit - I went to get my second cup of coffee to drink while I scrolled slowly through your family photos. You have a wonderful family and it's lovely that you are so close.