Tuesday, August 28, 2012

there's always time for a stroll

Let's catch up a bit, shall we?  

My hair has grown out long enough to fit back in a squinchy ponytail...which looks exactly like the pixie cut I had.  Ha.

My friend Jill send the most beautiful leather gloves that belonged to her mother.  What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do.

Last Saturday was one of those glorious days where there was a hint of Fall in the air.  I decided to take Sir Hayden on a walk in the local park (Miss Sue's Park -- she was a matriarch of Cameron Presbyterian).

The troll bridge.

I'm likin' this lichen.  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.

Such a peaceful spot.

A perfect day.  I even caught a fabulous movie at the Sunrise with my friend Ali.  It's called Moonrise Kingdom, by Wes Anderson and is quirky, hilarious and overwhelmingly hopeful.

Church on Sunday was delightful and I was surprised with this Fiesta mug just like one I bought at last Spring's antique fair and gave to my mom.  The church member who gave it to me remembered how much I liked it.  I christened it with coffee Monday morning.  Okay, and this morning, too.

I had a productive and enjoyable Session meeting this evening and then got to Facetime with my nieces, and laughed as they kept giving me hugs and kisses through the phone.  At one point, Gigi was petting the phone like it was my head.  Precious.

Have a great week!

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E Hendrickson said...

Love reading about the whit-venture.